Reviews of Incan Adventure Online Slots

Reviews of Incan Adventure Online Slots

As soon as you install the Incan Adventure slot into your PC, iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device at a mobile casino, you’ll realize it’s not your average slot machine. In lieu of reels and paylines, there is a grid of stone-effect blocks with an Anime-style cartoon female ready to drill into them. Above this, in portrait orientation, are depictions of Incan sculptures, a battery power meter, and a drill meter.

Your mission is to drill through the highlighted blocks to reach the colorful portions at the grid’s center, where ancient Incan riches are waiting to be discovered. The rewards consist of monetary awards from the various golden statues and diamond blocks, as well as keys that open new levels, more battery charge, and a Super Drill that multiplies payments by three.

Incan Adventure is powered by Microgaming, but was created in collaboration with independent Gacha Studios.

How to Play the Slot Machine Incan Adventure

A wide variety of wagering possibilities will attract gamers of varied budgets and abilities. You may wager as little as $0.20 every block, or you can boost your wagers through several levels to a maximum of $100.00. Plus and minus tabs are used to adjust stakes, making the Incan Adventure game accessible to everyone.

The three thin lines adjacent to the wager buttons lead to the paytable offered at the best online slots sites, where you can see the value of each symbol, as well as an instructional part that describes the peculiar gameplay. To move the girl and her drill, just click on a block next to her, navigating a stone labyrinth and discovering the unique blocks therein.

As this is an arcade-style game in which user input controls the drill, rapid play and automated spins are unavailable.

Other Incan Adventure Slot Features, Including Free Games

Click or tap a block to navigate, and travel towards specific portions to receive rewards; but, avoid wall blocks, since you cannot drill into them. Regular blocks may offer monetary rewards or be used to upgrade the drill to a gold version that triples payouts. Others recharge a battery that gradually loses energy while you drill. If the meter runs totally dry, the game is restarted and you must begin drilling again to refill it.

Gold blocks may pay up to 24 times the wager, with 2×2 and 3×3 blocks paying up to 120x and 480x the wager, respectively. 2×2 and 3×3 diamond blocks provide respective payouts of 240x and 960x. Gold and diamonds are more difficult to drill into, therefore you will require many efforts, each of which will cost money.

Statue blocks may also withstand a few attacks, but once they are destroyed, they are collected in a meter. If you get three statue blocks, they will start a seven-level free bonus round. Similar to free spins, you progress through stages by discovering hidden keys and claim a jackpot worth 1,000 times your wager at the top.

Incan Adventure has the highest payouts, volatility, and returns.

When playing Incan Adventure with the highest wager, it is possible to uncover a prize of $288,000.00. It has a high volatility, so you may need to dig through a few non-winning blocks before you reach the secret jewels. The overall average return to players percentage is 96.25 percent, which is great.

Our Opinion Regarding the Incan Adventure Game

When arcade games provide the opportunity to win substantial rewards, their popularity increases. The Incan Adventure game looks amazing on PCs and mobile devices and lives up to its name as you explore ancient ruins virtually.

Prepare yourself for the tremendous volatility, since your selected wager will only carry you through a single block, and it may take many tries before you unlock a large prize. If you enjoy the theme but want a more traditional slot machine, consider the Lost Inca’s Gold slot from Pragmatic Play, which has a standard 5-reel, 25-line layout.

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